Message From the State President

Welcome to the website of the New Jersey Association of Health Underwriters. 

The search engine Yahoo recently reported one of the top search questions is: “How does the health care bill affect me?” As NJAHU President and an insurance professional who deciphers the myriad of health insurance plans available, I'm hearing that question often.  It seems that everyone in New Jersey is trying to figure out the 2,000-page health care reform bill that the President signed into law. Business owners and individuals  have very specific questions about how the reform package affects their lives, their families and their businesses. It has been a goal of mine, and other members of the Association, to provide the best answers possible to such a diverse number of questions. There is a huge need out there to interpret and explain this reform package. 

Clear communication is vital as the government transitions this policy into programs, for enactment in 2014. I urge visitors to our website to contact a local NJAHU member, who has the knowledge and expertise that can help you navigate through this transition. If you need to find someone in your area, please call our Association office at 908-349-0789.  We're eager to help, and you'll find the information much more reliable than what is being posted on the Internet. 

Sandy Gibson
President of the NJAHU

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There are no upcoming events.